Hi………. This is Pravat!!!!!!!!! have a little cum of patience to gain an essence of notion about me. Born on 1 st of May 1980 to Radhanath and Mallika Jena. With a culture of middle class ethic and socio-religious background from the temple city of Orissa …..Bhubneshwar.Yeah….buddy that's my home place. My motto of life is to design and colour the work culture of different crowds in professional sector.

I am dedicated to give u all guys a 24x 7 services through out the year any time and at any place. Whether its designing a webpage or maintaining a décor of company presentation or coloring an Ad-banner a flash banner powered by 3D animation with Graphical structure design ……a guy like me will definitely be the best choice for you all people. The basic essence of a professional set up is to give u all guys a quality work that saves a lot of your time and money. Let me say one thing …….. Rome was not built in a day!!! So a masterpiece may have a little flaw an turns in it. If you, agree you are always welcome to my site and have a definite look at PRAVAT HELP DESK which will help to solve all your queries and there will be a goal oriented work structure free from mistakes and doubts.This is all about me and my work structure, but a mail with feedback is always welcomed from you.